About Us

Frontera Studio sits in the intersection of grit and glam. 

In Boston, where we met, we saw this in the elegance of Revere Beach, where old men with leather skin sunbathed. In the city, new industries sat shoulder to shoulder with history. Across the country we’ve found beauty in abandoned spaces, seeing new life and rebirth in surprising ways. We’ve worked at rodeos, and racetracks, in fishing communities, and at dive bars - all places where the borders between beauty and dirt begin to fade.

In June of 2017, we left Boston, MA and set out on a yearlong road trip with two cats – Duncan and Kodachrome – and a VW camper van. Our project, Tendency to Wander, involved 14 months on the road, photographing communities, telling stories, and listening. Since September 2018, we've been based in El Paso, Texas. 

In El Paso, we bring our documentary skills to capture life as it truly is - filled with resilience, beauty, and contradiction. As we continue to build our studio, we look forward to sharing more of our work, to meeting new clients, and to pushing boundaries together.

To hear a little more about how we landed in El Paso, check us out on the State of the Arts and the Wild Goes West podcast.  

The Team

Justin Hamel, Studio Manager and Lead Photographer

In 2012, Justin graduated from the New England School of Photography with a focus on Architectural and Documentary Photography. Since then he has created dynamic photos of commercial and industrial architecture for agencies and corporations throughout the world. 

His work for Looking at Appalachia is in the permanent collection at the Duke Center for Documentary Studies and West Virginia University. Contact Justin for questions regarding art reproduction and Frontera Studio's printing studio. See Justin's work here.

Jordyn Rozensky, Managing Editor and Photographer
Jordyn is a storyteller, a writer, and a photographer. She holds a BA from Smith College and an MA/MPP from Brandeis University. She's trained in documentary photography.

Jordyn's writing and photography can be found in various publications, including the Bitter SouthernerGateways Haggadah, and The Washington Post.  In El Paso, she writes for the El Paso Herald-Post and the Jewish Voice. You can hear her on CNN hereContact Jordyn regarding any traditional storytelling, marketing, or writing projects. You can see Jordyn's work, including her wedding portfolio, here.




El Paso, Texas

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