Bricks and Beams

The Bricks and Beams Loft in Salem, Massachusetts has led to a brick and mortar studio in El Paso, Texas! To celebrate the opening of our studio - which is still technically a month away - we’re sharing some of our photos that inspire us. We’ll be looking back over the next month, while our Instagram and Facebook Stories will look forward with updates on renovations and studio work.

Salem, Massachusetts. April 2016. Photo by Justin Hamel of Frontera Studio and Tendency To Wander - if you’re interested in more interior, residential, or architectural photography, drop us a line!

No Foolin’

Today’s the day! It might seem like an April Fools situation, but we’re signing on the dotted line today and opening our brick and mortar studio location this month! With much love to our family and friends for all of the support!

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